Unlocking the Path to Customer-Centric Success: A UX Research Journey for shop.cat.com
Project completed while employed at vervint
A collaboration with Blia thor, Zoë Wilson, and Hillary waters
Tiffany Britt, a key stakeholder at Caterpillar, Inc., aimed to revamp shop.cat.com to enhance the shopping experience for customers and dealers. Originally built on parts.cat.com, the platform lacked customer guidance and necessitated face-to-face dealer interactions due to its high price points. Transitioning to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) from IBM Websphere presented an opportunity for a comprehensive overhaul. Tiffany engaged our UX research team at OST to transform the platform into a guided, trust-building experience.
Ambiguous Challenge: Initially unclear on the platform's issues, we established research goals to guide our strategy and uncover insights into both customer and dealer perspectives.
Research Methods: We conducted dealer interviews to understand their views on the shopping journey and customer interactions. Additionally, qualitative interviews with heavy equipment owners provided insights into their experiences with pricing and the 'Reserve a Machine' feature.
Insights and Recommendations:
We identified pain points such as customer hesitation and pricing confusion,
leading to transformative design recommendations:
'Help me Choose' module for personalized guidance
'Total Cost of Ownership' module for long-term value understanding
'Financing Options' module for financial clarity
Transparent pricing practices were emphasized to build trust with customers.
Customer-Centric Outcomes:
These recommendations are expected to increase lead conversion, enhance customer
confidence, strengthen dealership engagement, and streamline the customer journey.
Ongoing Collaboration:
Continual improvement is planned through collaboration with the shop.cat.com
team to solidify Caterpillar's position as a user-centric market leader.

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