What was the problem?
project completed while employed at vervint
this was a great collaboration with yee willet!
Amidst the pandemic, Little Caesars Fundraising was facing a dramatic drop in their ability to sell their mostly-school-based PizzaKit Fundraiser. They had to develop an online, direct-ship fundraising platform and launch before the end of October 2020. (Fall is their busiest selling season.)
We started with a virtual, discovery phase workshop to determine stakeholder/business needs, identify personas and MVP for launch date.
Stakeholders collaborated to build user persona archetypes - chairpeople, sellers, and buyers. We also built a chairperson user journey map, interviewed chairpeople and developed a findings deck.
Prior to screen designs, we interviewed users from each of the primary personas; 4 chairpeople, 4 sellers, and 4 buyers. Interview data was assembled in an AirTable database and shared with the client for reference.
Design included 4 phases with development, client, and user review at weekly touchpoints.:
1.1 Low resolution wireframes
1.2 High-fidelity exploration
1.3 High-fidelity prototyping
1.4 Final prototype/dev. files (exported to Zeplin for developers)
Wireframes and v1.2 comps were mobile-first to ensure ease-of-use for sellers
and buyers using the site from their phones.
Launched October 2020 (on-time!)
Identified the need to sell outside of active fundraisers (accommodate anonymous buyers not tied to the system with a seller link)
Identified the need for a headless CMS for ongoing content additions 
To date: $4.8 million in sales, 100k orders for nearly 200k PizzaKits sold and over 16k active sellers
Platform handed over to LCE corporate to continue (facilitated UX handoff)

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